General Support - Apt-get Install Cache

AJones - 22.08.2008, 19:08 Uhr
Titel: Apt-get Install Cache

I had to reinstall Kanotix all over again. I have downloaded packages in /var/cache/apt/archives. Now how do I install these downloaded packages from this directory? I have beagle, Gnome, etc in this archive. If I try installing using dpkg -i I get dependency problems like this package depended on other packages being installed. I dont want to redownload all of these packages again using apt-get update and apt-get install. Is there a easier way to install GNOME from this /var/cache/apt/archive.

Kano - 22.08.2008, 19:10 Uhr
Titel: Apt-get Install Cache
You can copy the debs to new install and just use the normal apt-get command. Only newer updates will be fetched from net, still current ones will be used.
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