Networking - no dsl connection with hard drive install

db109 - 10.10.2008, 01:21 Uhr
Titel: no dsl connection with hard drive install
i got a dsl modem with built in router that works automatic with the live cd.

after hd install i have no conn.

ive done the network config, enable dhcp.

tried pppoe conf, it sez no access concentrator.

ifconfig output with live cd has inet addr starting 192.

ifconfig output with hard drive has inet addr starting 169.

should these be manually changed somewhere or is that taken care of by dhcp? if dhcp i guess its not doing it correctly.
merlin - 10.10.2008, 07:39 Uhr
Titel: no dsl connection with hard drive install
apt-get --purge remove network-manager

after this konfigure your network with netcardconfig in kanotix-menu
Kano - 10.10.2008, 17:29 Uhr
Titel: no dsl connection with hard drive install
Usually no config is needed at all - that means if you use network-manager you may NOT use any other config tool. If you want to try it again, reset the configfile and reboot:

echo -e auto lo\\niface lo inet loopback > /etc/network/interfaces
db109 - 11.10.2008, 01:35 Uhr
i tried kano's code & rebooted but nogo.

then removed network-manager & config eth1 for dhcp ok-said yes to enable on reboot-rebooted-no help.

ive been trying to compare various files/outputs (lsmod,lspci,resolv.conf) in the live cd vs the hd install but haven't noticed anything. of course it would help if i knew what i was looking for. so far the only thing i notice is the different addr in the ifconfig cmd output.

any suggestions on what i should be looking for?

when i boot the live cd (apci & dma on) i get instant connection.
Kano - 11.10.2008, 07:29 Uhr
Are you sure that is was eth1 you needed?
db109 - 14.10.2008, 22:19 Uhr
i reinstalled & had network conn.

the new problem is i keep losing it.

i found i can get it back by typing kanos's code (see above) for /etc/network/interfaces. i reboot & the net conn is working again.

the next time i reboot its gone & i repeat & its back.

the strange thing is i've looked at the /etc/network/intefaces file & its looks the same wether working or not. it always has:

auto lo

iface lo inet loopback

i note its iface & not the niface in the code.

is there another file thats being reset?

why do I keep losing it?

by the way it is eth1
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