Installation - RC6 upgrade to RC7

ZenMystic - 16.11.2008, 14:52 Uhr
Titel: RC6 upgrade to RC7

After being impressed with RC7 I'm installing RC6, on another PC because RC7 didn't work. Does this mean that I should avoid upgrading the kernel. My understanding is that the kernel is the only difference
Kano - 16.11.2008, 16:17 Uhr
Titel: RC6 upgrade to RC7
RC6 is a huger difference, only RC6C is from the same date and has only the kernel as difference. That's why the homepage mentions use RC6C in case of problems.
ZenMystic - 16.11.2008, 17:56 Uhr
Thanks for the reply kano, and thanks for your help on irc last week. I didn't notice the 'C', so I must have downloaded the wrong thing. I downloaded KANOTIX-2007-THORHAMMER-RC6.iso

EDIT: found the correct one & I am downloading now. I noticed a patch RC7 - RC6C but I'm not sure how it works so I'll just get the full iso
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