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furly - 16.03.2009, 12:45 Uhr
Titel: Kanotix Excalibur
First of all, excuse for my bas english!

I've seen the new release KANOTIX EXCALIBUR based on Debian Lenny.
Is possible to download a complete iso?

If not, there is a method for upgrade an esisting Lenny installation?

Daddy-G - 16.03.2009, 13:11 Uhr
Titel: Re: Excalibur Kanotix
Hi furly,

excuse my bad English, too. Winken

For a new Kanotix-Excalibur.iso you should enter the IRC and ask Kano.
If you have problems/questions, you can also ask for support there.

The translation of Kano's German "howto to upgrade from Thorhammer to Lenny/Excalibur sources" in English is here:

furly - 16.03.2009, 13:42 Uhr
Ok, many thanks!
I leave you with the classic question:
is known something of the new Kanotix release?
Kano - 16.03.2009, 13:58 Uhr
I will give out the install image for all when some issues are resolved which need post install fixes. If anybody is interested in testing join IRC.
furly - 16.03.2009, 14:11 Uhr
Hi, Kano!
I'm very honored to speak with you.
Thanks for your best distro!

I would be interested to testing new Kanotix, but I do not know
what works IRC channel.
Exist another way to download the iso?
TheOne - 16.03.2009, 23:42 Uhr
hi furly,

IRC works pretty easy with the best distro, just start live mode or HD install and click on the IRC Chat #kanotix desktop shortcut (IRC of course needs i-net connection)
optional but recommend step: choose a new (short) nickname instead of webkanotix123... e.g. furly ^^
watch out for Kano in user list (right side), if Kano is online, just type your request in the message field at the bottom and hit "return"
now the "Kano autopilot" takes control and instructs you to your brand new testing install image Lachen

I think that should be detailed enough Winken
furly - 17.03.2009, 04:37 Uhr
I told with Kano in IRC.
That's al right.
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