Software - gnuCash in Kanotix

new-tix - 25.08.2009, 07:06 Uhr
Titel: gnuCash in Kanotix
I like to download a version of Kanotix LiveCD that has gnuCash. I read on a Knopix forum that Kanotix comes already with it but I can't find any info on this regard. Can someone direct me to the right download? or if not available, how can I create such CD (with all the nice open software included in Kanotix but adding gnuCash and then burn the LiveCd)?

Kano - 25.08.2009, 09:40 Uhr
Titel: gnuCash in Kanotix
It is not on the live iso anymore. What's so problematic to install it later? Btw. when you visit the IRC you can get newer ISO images.
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