Anything goes - Why no releases , only "hidden" ones

vilde - 12.10.2009, 23:37 Uhr
Titel: Why no releases , only "hidden" ones
Long time since I was logged in but I have a look in this forum then and then. There is no new official releases coming at all but as I can read here and there there are unofficial or hidden releases that you can get through via irc. Why is it like that?

I mean, looking at the start site here it looks like Kanotix died totally. But I think something is happening under the surface the whole time or am I wrong?

Please can somebody explain?
krishan1 - 13.10.2009, 08:51 Uhr
Yes, I agree. For those people who are not familiar with IRC or don't like it, there could be the impression that Kanotix is dead. But it isn't - it's more alive than some other distro.

I can not speculate about the reasons why there is still no official release, at least a RC or for my part a Alpha. But I think Kano is a perfectionist with the goal that Kanotix must run perfectly on all (or most) hardware.

Take a look at the IRC and ask Kano for a current .iso. That's the way how to get Kanotix at the moment.
Daddy-G - 13.10.2009, 14:30 Uhr
I agree too.

Perhaps you have read this:
Hints to Kanotix-Excalibur

Meanwhile I also found a first article in English about Kanotix:
http://koroshiyaitchy.wordpress.com/200 ... ix-64-bit/

Nevertheless you can "manage" it, without public release. Smilie
Kano is supporting in both forums, English and German. But the German part of the Community is more active. Winken
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