Installation - how do I install the nvidia drivers

spottyrover - 09.04.2010, 07:14 Uhr
Titel: how do I install the nvidia drivers
I have just installed kano after a long break

I have 2 questions
1-how do I install the nvidia drivers?
2- is there other repositories I need to get multimedia programs?

P.S. I needed toinstall gnomebaker to burn a copy to dvd as k3b would not burn to dvd or to cd as the size is 825Mb and aparently the iso is for a cd acording to gnomebaker ( think that was the name)
when it was live there was an error with kde which has not shown up when installed yet.

Thanks for any help
Daddy-G - 09.04.2010, 08:56 Uhr
It is still the same procedure to start Kano's nvidia-script as it was years before:

Use a text console (ALT-CTRL-F1)
login as root:

You can join IRC, ask the bot there for !flash and ask the guys there your further multimedia-questions Winken
zxcvb - 21.10.2014, 08:34 Uhr
Request: Since you're exceeding 800MB for the ISO already, please include a US English spelling dictionary for Iceweasel.

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