Installation - xserver fails on HD but works on Live CD

biochemiii - 30.12.2010, 00:04 Uhr
Titel: xserver fails on HD but works on Live CD
I just installed the 32bit version of kanotix 4.3 On a HP Pavilion. I noticed that when booting to the Live CD at any time, the german version worked perfectly.. yet when english was selected it booted to a crash recovery on the kdesktop every time.. leaving the desktop blank with the icons missing. Typing kdesktop at the command prompt fixed this, and kdesktop worked perfectly.

Ive installed Kanotix on a fresh drive using two partitions, a swapfile partition and one for the system. When the power button is pressed, in the first few lines Im getting a splashy error, then it poceeds fine with no errors till kde launches. At that point I get this error

error 104 connection reset by peer x server

at the command prompt if I type starts the screen blinks and I get the same error. if I attempt to launch kde i get a scrolling error which contuosly loops, forcing me to press Cntrl_C to break. Same message

I was curious why I get 3 different results, with it working in german every time on the Live CD, and I was able to ge the english desktop up by relaunching Kdesktop, and why it completely fails at the login on the HD version of the same CD, leaving me at a commond prompt with a 104 connection reset. Im guessing this may require editing x.org or something along those lines. I poked around but have no idea what to do at this point

Base processor and speed
AMD Athlon XP 2800+2.08 GHz

Motherboard manufacturer

Video graphics
Integrated nVidia GeForce4 MX graphics
64 MB allocated video memory
schwedenmann - 30.12.2010, 08:44 Uhr
Titel: xserver fails on HD but works on Live CD

Can you post your xorg.conf ?
Or, if you haven`t one, copy it (perhaps from the livecd, or any other Livecd with X).
Choose nv as graphic driver in xorg.conf and edit your keyboard and mouse-section to your needs.

Kano - 30.12.2010, 09:18 Uhr
Titel: xserver fails on HD but works on Live CD

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

/etc/init.d/kdm restart

Thats because of a missing locale var set in live mode.
biochemiii - 31.12.2010, 05:30 Uhr
Titel: RE: xserver fails on HD but works on Live CD
THanks for the help guys. There was no xorg.conf file, but after I ran the reconfigure command it created one with all default entries. I googled the nv entry in the comp file and copy pasted what some guy posted to the xorg.conf

Section "Device"
Identifier "External"
Driver "nv"

I had previously run apt-get and updated everything with no luck.. after pasting the data I needed into the xorg.conf file it booted fine every time. It would not go above 800x600 which was fine for this particular application. The computer is being used as a media server for part of a sound system so graphics arent critical..

Thanks for your help
Kano - 31.12.2010, 11:56 Uhr
Titel: RE: xserver fails on HD but works on Live CD
nv should be autodetected.
biochemiii - 02.01.2011, 01:57 Uhr
Titel: RE: xserver fails on HD but works on Live CD
Im trying to install on a Dell Dimension 2400 rnow, same problem. the video crashes in all modes except German Failsafe mode, which left me at a command prompt. typing kdesktop relaunched it and everything works fine now, Ive changed the language to english and im going to attempt an HD install. Ill keep you posted
Kano - 02.01.2011, 14:33 Uhr
Titel: RE: xserver fails on HD but works on Live CD
Please join IRC.
biochemiii - 14.01.2011, 16:02 Uhr
Titel: RE: xserver fails on HD but works on Live CD
I have successfully installed onto the Dell Dimension 2400! I had a problem with Grub and had to get familiar with the new Grub2 as there was no menu.lst file to edit. Smilie I used screen=auto in kanotix and got to the desktop with a raft of errors, including missing hardware and problems with HAL

Id like to make a note, that when I installed Kanotix that time, Acrotix let me create usernames which matched the names of folders and groups which already existed, so did kuser. For instance, creating a user called "user" adds them to the group by the same name. I got some horrible prompt warning me about creating users with names which already existed. That entire install got corrupted and I had to wipe the partition and start over lol

A second install on the same machine went very smooth. I got the machine online using the live CD first, then updated and installed all packages using apt-get and kpackager.. adding repository URLS in kpackager prefs (sources.list) for files which were no longer listed in the kanotix repositories, I also edited the xorg.conf by running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and changed the video settings on the live CD BEFORE starting the install. I also carefully cleaned the dvd itself. The install booted to a kanotix desktop! Smilie

My last challenge was the WG3111v3 plug-in USB wireless internet adaptor. I downloaded the modified windows drivers and installed them on kanotix using the make and install commands, I then installed ndiswrapper and bound the two. Modprobe wasnt much help, even under su, but when I typed iwconfig, much to my surprise, it came back with wlan0 up and running. I opened Wicd from the tray, and added wlan0 as the wireless adaptor address and the USB network adaptor worked!

I must say, after using these two machines for a week, I am extremely content with kanotix, and after playing with computers for since they were invented.. Ive chosen kanotix over windows and theres no going back. You boot a windows machine these days, it occupies half an hour of your time popping up boxes and asking questions. You go to use the machine to surf the web, and its busy doing everything it thinks it should be doing, and not what you want it to do. Lately Ive done alot of repairs on windows machines.. fully loaded, toss in a few worms and the drive light just sticks on all the time. You have to wait 30 seconds for a window to open when the machine has a 2.4g processor.

Thanks Kano I will.. its been awhile, I was on IRC back when it was invented. I remember battling Hax0r while she was developing redhat Smilie I went under the name biosflash or biohazard back then,

Kudos to everyone who helped make kanotix, and thanks to you guys for helping with the machines!
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