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jerrybee - 04.03.2011, 01:31 Uhr
Titel: can't boot live Hellfire DVD
Downloaded Hellfire from distrowatch.com, burned it to a DVD-RW, and tried to boot it. No joy. Disconnected all thumb drives (per your suggestion), tried again to boot, and still no joy. The boot process starts, the display shows "booting from CD", the DVD drive starts to sound like it's spinning up, but the boot process then boots the HDD as usual. I did a check using md5sum on the DVD, and it reported all OK.

I've never had this problem before with any distros -- am trying to recall what I saw when I recently tried to boot a DVD containing the new Debian, but can't remember. Will try that again tonight.

The box has a MachSpeed mobo with VIA KM400 & VIA VT8235 chipset, and 750MB RAM.

Have tried to boot the Hellfire DVD with different HDDs in the primary slot, and got the same results.

Any suggestions? Had thought about trying to download the .iso from your site and seeing if that would somehow make a difference, but figure that if the md5sum check on the .iso I've already downloaded checks OK, a different downloaded .iso would make no difference.
Kano - 04.03.2011, 07:08 Uhr
Titel: can
You may want to try


as small start iso - just use another cdrw with it - or update your bios. plop bt can be used to start bootable usb keys too - when your bios does not support it directly.
jerrybee - 04.03.2011, 17:32 Uhr
Thanks for the suggestion. I followed it and was able to boot the DVD at least part way. But at the place where the screen is showing a hard drive icon, then crossed-tools icon, etc., the process gets stuck and just keeps repeating those 4 icons. I had the exact same boot-failure thing happen recently when I tried to install Linux Mint 10 with KDE. Most of my distro installs are with Gnome, so am wondering if my computer has some kind of problem with distros that use KDE. I'll pursue this further.

Thanks again for the help.
retabell - 04.03.2011, 19:42 Uhr
the process gets stuck and just keeps repeating those 4 icons.

with VIA KM400 & VIA VT8235

This is a bug in mesa / openchrome

you can create an /etc/X11/xorg.conf
see also http://www.kanotix.de/PNphpBB2-viewtopic-t-26561.html
gruss retabell
jerrybee - 05.03.2011, 02:54 Uhr
Thanks to those who have offered to help. It appears that this problem is beyond my ability to fix for 2 reasons: I don't read/understand German and I'm not a computer expert. So I think I'll just run along and play in another distro.

Thanks again.
TheOne - 05.03.2011, 06:06 Uhr
Ok first, you don't need to be a computer expert and secondly ... what was the second reason? Winken

What retabell wrote in his german post is very easy. I will translate the necessary steps for you.
1. put in your Kanotix boot medium (dvd or usb stick)
2. select the EN entry and press TAB (not enter), you have to extend the cmd line first with: init 1
4. press ENTER to boot
3. now you see a root shell and have to create a /etc/X11/xorg.conf with the following commands:
echo 'Section "ServerFlags"' >/etc/X11/xorg.conf
echo 'Option "AIGLX" "off"' >>/etc/X11/xorg.conf
echo 'EndSection' >>/etc/X11/xorg.conf
4. switch the init level to boot up your desktop with the following command
init 5
thats it, nothing complicated

Regards TheOne
jerrybee - 06.03.2011, 02:29 Uhr
Well, I tried it, following your code exactly, and after doing the "init 5" I got more text and finally a command line with a user prompt of $. I wondered if there should have been 2 ">" in the first line of your code, so I went back, started over, entered the code but with >> this time on the 'Section... line, and got to the same $ command prompt. I can supply some of the text that had appeared if it will help, but 2 lines ended in "failed" in red text -- those lines read "Loading cpufreq kernel modules --- failed" and "startpar: service(s) returned failure: plymouth --- failed".

I thought I'd have a look around anyway, so went to /etc/X11 and displayed the xorg.conf file, which looked as I'd entered it. Thought I'd try entering "X" to see what would happen. Got more text, which included the following:
Parse error on line 3 of section Server Flags in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf . "End" is not a valid keyword in this section. Fatal server error: no screens found.

Have I misunderstood something here? I thought that after I'd entered the "init 5" command I would get a graphical desktop from which I could select to Install Kanotix to my hard drive. If that's not the case, what could/should I have entered after getting the kanotix@Kanotix:~$ command line ?

I really do appreciate your patience and help with this.
retabell - 06.03.2011, 07:27 Uhr
hi jerrybee
it's alright what TheOne has written
1 > means create file
2 >> means append to file

read "Loading cpufreq kernel modules --- failed"

ignore it
ervice(s) returned failure: plymouth --- failed"

it would be a good idea to disable splash on the commandline too

xorg.conf . "End" is not a valid keyword in this sectio

This looks like a Typo error in your xorg.conf

Double check it

use init 3 instead of init 5

to start x

i will check this again in the evening on my via-board
jerrybee - 06.03.2011, 22:27 Uhr
I'm tired. I had logged in, typed out a long reply, hit the "Absenden" button ( I can only assume that means "Submit" ), and was greeted by another login screen. I have no idea where my long reply has gone.

I FINALLY got Hellfire installed, re-booted, filled in the username and password, got a brief blank screen, and got the login box again. And again. And again. During the installation process, I'd selected "log in automatically" or something like that.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.
retabell - 07.03.2011, 03:26 Uhr
hi jerrybee

Absenden == Submit , that' s right
Vorschau == Preview

I FINALLY got Hellfire installed, re-booted,


you have to create or copy the xorg.conf into
your installed version too.

good luck

TheOne - 07.03.2011, 05:38 Uhr
Hi jerrybee,

sorry that I forgot to say that you have to do that changes on your installation again.

I prevously decided to not advise you, because you write english requests in the german forum section, but now you mentioned the language part on your on. So first take a look at top of the kanotix.com page. You will see 2 Links ("Deutsch" and "English"). Click on your prefered language and you will have "Preview" or "Submit" buttons instead of "Vorschau" and "Absenden" and of course other homepage parts are translated too. Secondly I want to say that we have an english forum section for the non german speaking user, but don't worry about anymore. ^^

Another point is, when you type a long reply text, click the Preview button from to to time. That avoids you to reach the timeout for inactivity. Winken

jerrybee - 09.03.2011, 14:25 Uhr
Thanks to the help from you folks I now can boot Kanotix successfully. I've used the info to also "fix" Linux Mint ver 10 KDE that was giving me the same boot problem. I still don't know what the fix actually does, but would like to know. What is AIGLX and/or what does it do?

It's a rainy day here in Georgia, so will be a good one to play with Kanotix.

Yes, I'd seen the Deutsch/English buttons and selected English, but that took me away from the section that the link in the email I'd received regarding this topic had taken me to. So I chose to just stay where the link had taken me, and hope for the best.

Again, thanks.
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