Software - Skype no microphone in Kanotix Hellfire 32

ElZorro - 12.03.2011, 06:59 Uhr
Titel: Skype no microphone in Kanotix Hellfire 32
I am going nuts as I cannot get the microphone in Alsa to work in Skype. It is the rear mike using intel on board soundcard, but so many configs in Alsa but no joy,
Beats me

It works perfectly well in Debian squeeze with pulseaudio, and this was installed as I found the default desktop in Debian was gnome, and this carried pulseaudio over to KDE. after I installed that.

I tried installing the gnome desktop in Kanotix to see if that would help configure Skype last install, but broken packages resulted, Kanotix disapproved., and I reinstalled.
It seems microphones are an anathema in Alsa
Anyone else had success?

El Zorro
Kano - 12.03.2011, 09:15 Uhr
Titel: Skype no microphone in Kanotix Hellfire 32
mic is no problem with kanotix, you just need to configure it correctly in alsamixer, with onboard it is not that hard usually. you can also use kmix when you configure it a bit to show all possible options - by default it is a bit limited. basically you can install pulse audio, like in the thread you had a similar problem and then you can use puvcontrol if you are more familiar with that. i mainly use pulse to connect to a bluetooth headset or when i want to be able to set sound to hdmi more easyly.
ElZorro - 12.03.2011, 12:41 Uhr
Titel: Re: Skype no microphone in Kanotix Hellfire 32
Thanks Kano,
I did get it going but a bit less than optimal with Alsa. It needs the Line sllder on to work, and sound 2.5 muted, and there is a large gain noise at the start. It also is on all the time playing through the speakers making noise even with mikes muted, ony the line slider can control things, if you do not reduce volume, Pulseaudio in Debian is much cleaner sound with no feedback through the speakers. Maybe I shold use headphones.
However Puseaudio in Kanotix does seem variable and seems to need alsa in the background, and can remain silent. depending on alsa configuration.
Sorry for all the comparisons, hope it is a little constructive not destructive.

Anyway Skype can be used with Alsa, and it might be different with other sound systems.
Kind Regards
El Zorro
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