General Support - numlock bug

coyotl - 06.05.2011, 23:16 Uhr
Titel: numlock bug
Kanotix seems to have gotten the feared numlock bug where setting numlock on at boot results in inverse behaviour: LED is on when numlock is off vice versa

any fixes in sight?
Mit den Augen rollen not a very serious problem, I dont like LEDs that much anyway ..
Kano - 06.05.2011, 23:32 Uhr
Titel: numlock bug
No idea how to fix that.
coyotl - 07.05.2011, 11:11 Uhr
Titel: RE: numlock bug
No, it seems this pops up once in a while, supposedly because there are 2 guys fiddling with numlock and LED code and they kinda are not talking Smilie
--quite complicated to fix they say.
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