General Support - Can't access EXT4 HD movie files and other thoughts!

greg1292 - 14.05.2011, 17:04 Uhr
Titel: Can't access EXT4 HD movie files and other thoughts!
First off after a steep learning curve for me I figured out and installed the nvidia drivers (su) for root and install-nvidia.sh and the drivers seem to work
better than any other distro i have tried and movie playback with SMplayer
is perfecto! On a side note Kaffeine and Atsc tunning actually work unlike
other distro's great stuff indeed.

I am having trouble accessing a hard drive with ext4 file with all my mkv's
and need a work around for this is most important to me. I have vlc,smplayer,kaffeine,gmome player installed. Ntfs3g fixed my ntfs drive so
I could play my mp4's. Maybe it is codec related I don't know!

Also kderoot is driving me nuts and say's I need a pass word every time
to access my hard drives. Is there a way to disable this. Not to worried
about security on this machine.

Over all real happy with the distro and finally a supported multimedia playback with hardware acceleration working.
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