Anything goes - Kanotix Hellfire 2011-05 (May 11, 2011)

Tejas - 16.05.2011, 18:38 Uhr
Titel: Kanotix Hellfire 2011-05 (May 11, 2011)
Still Beta Frage Running live CD from HD. Bash froze on me in 'Konsole' thus:

Tried to 'Leave', no response. Thought due to opened file on another partition. On going to 'Konsole' found it to be frozen.Started 2 more consecutive 'Konsoles' and each time keyboard i/p not echoed.. No response after opening of those windows.

Eventually got 'Konsole' from 'Konqueror'. Tried to kill other 'bash' processes, but each time they were replaced by other processes. Closed the open file and tried "leave', 'Restart computer' without success. Had to quit X and restart.

Also, in another run I had trouble with 'Switch user'. Tried to switch to root, null pw not accepted, but switching back to initial window was not possible. Again had to quit X and restart.
Kano - 16.05.2011, 18:42 Uhr
Titel: Kanotix Hellfire 2011-05 (May 11, 2011)
First of all you have to use sudo in live mode. If you run out of ram then you have got problems - also check always the media.
Tejas - 16.05.2011, 21:53 Uhr
I've always used 'su' when running the live CD from the 2005 version and not had any trouble with 64MB ram, and as far as I could see, the passwords file 'su' entry for user 'kanotix' was not set. Is it now different?

But changing user I can't use sudo within a menu dialog.

I have 1GB ram. Cool
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