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Tejas - 17.06.2011, 20:41 Uhr
Titel: Manpower
TheOne hat folgendes geschrieben::
Well you see not every part on the Wiki is up-to-date. There is a lack of men power to hold the Wiki in a good shape. Feel free to help and fix it. I like to see that the people take a lot at it, most people know that it is not in the best shape and ignore it completely. That's the wrong attitude to change the situation. So you are really welcome to help.

Thanks, TheOne
Glad to help out. Have just moved. Will be able to help out more as I get more settled. Anything of a non-urgent nature, of the kind "It will be nice to have, but ..." Even the odd piece of code. (No C++ though, Java instead Winken)
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