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theblackpig - 24.09.2011, 09:58 Uhr
Titel: Problem with Icedove
Hi ,
Have a problem with Icedove, had an email which required me to click on a link, did so and a little box poped up asking me to browse for a connection.
I browsed to what I thought was the Iceweasel , entered it but it didn't work, when I click on the link nothing happens!
What do I do now?
Tejas - 24.09.2011, 11:57 Uhr
Titel: RE: Problem with Icedove
Email sounds suspicious ...
theblackpig - 24.09.2011, 12:22 Uhr
Titel: RE: Problem with Icedove
No -from a known source -checked
Tejas - 24.09.2011, 12:39 Uhr
Attach a screen shot Idee
theblackpig - 24.09.2011, 12:58 Uhr
I know this may sound stupid but how do I get a screen shot?
Tejas - 24.09.2011, 13:47 Uhr
Go to 'K' menu, then 'Applications', then 'Graphics', K Screenshot. Select 'window ', stick 'Screen shot' over Icedove window, (Or select 'Region', cross hairs, select area,Enter) Take shot. Save under some name. Afterwards browse and attach. QED
TheOne - 24.09.2011, 16:27 Uhr
Hi theblackpig, what kind of link is it, some http protocol link? I guess your link has an unknown protocol for icedove and that's why it ask you for an application that can handle it.

theblackpig - 24.09.2011, 20:19 Uhr
Hi TheOne, getting round it by simply right clicking and save link location Lachen
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