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hyrral - 26.01.2012, 00:24 Uhr
Titel: install CD
My laptop cannot read a dvd, so I need a cd to install Kanotix , any suggestions?
Kano - 26.01.2012, 03:28 Uhr
Titel: install CD
In case it does not boot from usb key use plop. You have to disable usb legacy support in the bios in order to do that. Best would be when usb legacy storage support wourd work as you need to use a ps2 keyboard as well in that case. In irc look for !plop for a combined live/install iso. In case you need it you could install it to the mbr of the hd as first bootloader and boot a primary partition later with it where the linux loader was installed in root partition - or win. It can do even more tricks like hiding partitions - feel free to look at the manual, the basic usage is very simple.

Tejas - 26.01.2012, 12:03 Uhr
Titel: install CD
I did not have a DVD to burn, so loaded iso image to HD and booted from there, but that assumes one already has a linux version with Grub.

Grub (ver. 1): See step by step list in the last posting.
Kano - 26.01.2012, 14:53 Uhr
Titel: install CD
You can also install install grub into partition (dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc) and load plop installer from grub to put it into mbr.
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