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saddlejib - 22.07.2012, 20:45 Uhr
Titel: I hava a Zalman-ve200
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I have a Zalman-ve200 which can be seen by my BIOS as an optical drive and a hard drive and by Kanotix OS the same.. I would like to modify the Kanotix iso which I boot from on the Zalman and the hard drive on the Zalman to make my system persistent is this possible.
Kano - 22.07.2012, 21:33 Uhr
Titel: I hava a Zalman-ve200
Just create a 20 gb ext4 partition on the drive, use normal acritoxinstaller to install from it and be sure you point to that drive as mbr target.
saddlejib - 23.07.2012, 13:45 Uhr
Titel: I hava a Zalman-ve200
The zalman works in 'dual-mode' as both optical and hard drive combined and boots user selectable iso files one of which is
So i am working with Kanotix live from the iso on the zalman and can also see the zalman as an optical and a hard drive in Kanotix live.
The filesystem currently on the drive is ntfs
the question is can I create a unionfs directory on the zalman drive with that filsystem.

http://www.rmprepusb.com/tutorials/ve200 this explains the zalman enclosure
Kano - 23.07.2012, 19:07 Uhr
Titel: I hava a Zalman-ve200
Thats not needed .You can even install grub(2) onto ntfs. Basically i would just partition the drive (and disable that emulated iso crap) and do a normal hd install.
saddlejib - 25.07.2012, 00:08 Uhr
Titel: RE: I hava a Zalman-ve200
This is true, the drive is partitioned both paritions now ntfs although one was fat32 and one ntfs but now both ntfs, The reason was, if some computers bios's couldnt see the optical drive they could at least see the hard drive. I use Grub for Dos on the first or second partition.
My objective is to boot using the iso which currently works then make my changes persistent on the same hard drive which contains the iso's i would also like to modify the iso so the boot option would be boot now with unionfs.
So it would be plug and go as you last left it.
I appreciate your help.
Many Thanks.
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