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Tejas - 12.11.2012, 09:47 Uhr
Titel: Dragonfire Disk Trashing

I've lately been trying out Dragonfire (as is Kanotix Dragonfire 2012-05 KANOTIX-LinuxTag2012-Dragonfire32.iso) out of the box, and repeatedly found my disk being trashed. Tried pressing Esc in case it was a script, REISUB seemed to work a couple of times, but yesterday it had to be the Reset button. Anyone know what to avoid (or which application)? I've a suspicion it could be the system web browser that's playing up. I had been exploring Skype and was trying to get some more Skype info at the time.

Anguis_fragilis - 27.12.2012, 23:34 Uhr
Hi Tejas,
a bit late but anyhow....
you may want to try out Dragonfire Acritox Trialshot of 15 - Oct - 2012


I installed it about a fortnight ago and I have had no hassles with it so far...
it just runs smoothly on my machine...

Tejas - 30.01.2013, 13:05 Uhr
Thank Angus, but I'm using the Live System: Kanotix Dragonfire 2012-05 KANOTIX-LinuxTag2012-Dragonfire32.iso.

Anmother instance of disk trashing has now come to light. Upon loading the system the very first thing I did (after 'apt-get install' failed to find the package I was looking for) was to try Synaptic invoking Reload before attempting to look for said package.

This never finished due to disk being trashed.
Kano - 30.01.2013, 13:08 Uhr
Use newer test images you find there:


I am working on better kernel 3.8 support for 3d drivers right now. retabel tries to fix the persistence bug, so maybe you will find new images with current kernel sooner or later Winken
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