General Support - sudo password not the root password!

anradan - 14.01.2013, 00:24 Uhr
Titel: sudo password not the root password!
Cant login as root, cant use root password for sudo.
sudo is not my user password.
I am trying to update kanotix scripts .sh
want to install the nvidia driver "the debian way"
Please help...cant run lnux without sudo or root!
anradan - 14.01.2013, 08:06 Uhr
Titel: Kanotix was supposed to be for high performance compters?
I really need to know how to "become root"....tried "su" but says there is no password entry for user.
Tried sudo, the "root" password is not the same as sudo.
My own user password does not work with sudo.
I cannot login as root - not allowed in Kanotix.
So basically I have a useless Kanotix install.
I have about 2-3 mins till mouse wont click....so cant close any windows.
I have to "Ctrl+Alt+Backspace just to get the computer "unfrozen"
If I could only get the damn illusive Nvidia driver installed.
I thought Kanotix was "Bleeding Edge" but it cant even run an Nvidia card or boot without apci=off!
I did remove my video cards and everything worked flawless, but come on Why does it have to be so frusterating just to install a driver and restart the computer. Couldn't be normal and have the driver in Synaptic Package manager. Why would Kanotix restrict root login???
Kano - 14.01.2013, 08:42 Uhr
Titel: Kanotix was supposed to be for high performance compters?
First of all you dont need sudo, also you should NOT run the nvidia driver using the nvidia installer. Did you use the latest trialshot from


Thats currently the best iso. Btw. in the irc are the instructions to install nvidia driver, it depends on the card you have got.
anradan - 14.01.2013, 22:22 Uhr
if I don't need sudo or root or su, why does it ask for the root password before opening or apping changes, why does it prompt for passwords?
The instructions for installing the nvidia driver from the Kanotix site, which used a terminal with root privliges, the instructions I failed to use, because I cant get root or sudo or su.
I have 2 gtx 570 in sli
The responces I get on forums is usually the same -Remove your video cards! LOL
anradan - 14.01.2013, 22:34 Uhr
The hype about Kanotix being a performance driven distro for "Modern" hardware and especially the "run from ram" feature is what drew me to Kanotix....but it seems just as buggy as every other Linux out there. Normally I'd give up and try another distro...but they're all generally the same.
Kanotix on the other hand is supposed to be 64 bit run from ram, no sata bottlenecks just ram and cpu....thats what I was hoping for, a high performance Puppy Linux like OS with Debian packages not .pets.
So even if I somehow manage to figure out how to install the Nvidia driver, I wont be able to "sudo nvidia-settings" so my changes are "applied" and written to xorg. How can anyone use Linux without some sort of "root" for making changes?
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