Networking - 8172 Realtek wireless card

hyrral - 23.07.2013, 01:12 Uhr
Titel: 8172 Realtek wireless card
I just got this card and it freezes up Kanotix. I am on debian right now and it works great, so I installed the same RealTek firmware on Kanotix and it still freezes. I tried it on a live disk in case it was my install and it froze that. Any Ideas?
Kano - 23.07.2013, 11:47 Uhr
Titel: 8172 Realtek wireless card
Do a dist-upgrade, you get newer firmware packages with it. Btw. depending on the gfx card you could update to 3.10 kernel as well (irc: !3.10). works best with intel gfx.
hyrral - 30.07.2013, 23:03 Uhr
Titel: RE: 8172 Realtek wireless card
I did a dist-upgrade, and still no go, I have a nvidia geforce video card
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