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xMris - 08.02.2015, 14:25 Uhr
Titel: kanotix on chromebook...

First off all, guys, you really need to let know distrowatch to update your page there, adding some additional info that eg. there is a 2014 version.

Since two years ago I got a chromebook (acer c710) and the 1st thing I did was to kill the chromeOS and install linux, since then I tried a lot of distros there, to say the truth some of them were a bit slow on that machine.

The last distro I tried was solydk (as I am KDE fan), but the problem with them is that some packages (like libreoffice and wine) are a bit outdated versions.

I have to say that I noticed the Kanotix, but I thought that the project was dead, or semi-abandoned as the distrowatch has outdated info about you, even on your start page the news corner, mentions the 2013 version of the distro...

Well, I am glad that I found by chance acritox's page of the nightly builds.

Now I am running the latest 2015 nighlty build (spitfire) on my c710 and I am very impressed, as the system boots very quick to the desktop in comparisson to the older distros I tried.

keep up the good work!

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