General Support - Big difference in ISO sizes?

jenom - 31.03.2016, 14:06 Uhr
Titel: Big difference in ISO sizes?
Kanotix Spitfire 2016 Nightly LXDE ISO
--32 bit 851 MB
--64 bit 1278 MB

why there is such a large difference in ISO sizes ?
are there more packages included in the 64 bit ?
is there an included package list somewhere ?

Kano - 31.03.2016, 21:04 Uhr
Titel: Big difference in ISO sizes?
You can look at the ${iso}.packages files. LO is only in 64 bit and Wine(-Staging).
jenom - 01.04.2016, 00:55 Uhr
thanks for your reply
I prefer the 32 bit without LO + WINE
Kano - 01.04.2016, 12:08 Uhr
This is a very bad choice, it is basically only there for old netbooks/laptops. If you want to use Google Chrome with latest Flash it requires 64 bit now. Only Flash 11.2 is available for Firefox compared to 21 (right now) with Chrome.
jenom - 01.04.2016, 14:06 Uhr
I am using a Lenovo T61---for sure it is old !
I personally dislike Chrome, prefer Firefox, just stopped using Iceweasel not long ago.
Absolutely against to have WINE included, if anybody wants to run a Microsoft programs, maybe he should stay with Windoz altogether.
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