General Support - Kanotix as VmWare guest auto-resize issue

kaim - 03.09.2020, 22:03 Uhr
Titel: Kanotix as VmWare guest auto-resize issue
Hi and thank you for the grate distribution.

I am running Kanotix under VmWare Payer 15 that runs on Debian host (so Linux version of VmWare payer) and I got a strange irritating issue.

It is out of scope why it is like so, let's just stick to it.

Despite openvm-tools and openvm-tools-desktop being installed Kanotix will always boot to 800x600 resolution. I tryed to edit grub to force it for 1280x1024 with no luck. The GPU memory is 32Mb for the VM.

I am able to set custom resolution with xrandr and even made a script that sets it during session startup but my goal is to let VmWare auto-resize to work. For now if I disable the script that sets the resoution Kanotix always boots at 800x600.
More over if VM aborts or it's window gets resized Kanotix will boot to 800x600 even with the script in place.

I would realy anticipate any help or direction as I am out of ideas.
Kano - 06.09.2020, 12:50 Uhr
Titel: Kanotix as VmWare guest auto-resize issue
I tested open-vm-tools-desktop with Kanotix Silverfire KDE live - after install you need to restart lightdm (service lightdm restart) and it worked for VMware ESXi. Did not try VMware Player.
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