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Installing drivers offline

Perhaps you know the problem, someone owns a computer with Kanotix, but no internet access.
Nevertheless, that someone does not want to do without things like a 3D graphic driver, for example, whose installation script requires internet access.

To get over that hurdle, you need at least one PC with Linux (Kanotix) access to the internet. On that one, you run the desired script, as usual. Now the necessary files are located in /usr/src/.

These must simply be carried to the target computer without internet, by means of writing a CD, a pen drive, or some other removable common media.

Now you can implement the appropriate Script, as usual. You can safely ignore the error messages concerning the need to download files, the script nevertheless will continue. It will be more difficult if you have for example an ATI Radeon integrated on the first PC, whereas the goal PC is built with NVIDIA.

In order to get the 3D driver, one must simply remove the following line from the Script:
  if test -z "`lspci|grep VGA|grep -i nvidia`"; then
  echo Error: No nVidia VGA adapter found.
  exit 3

Afterwards the Script can be implemented also on a PC with a Radeon.

ATTENTION One should terminate the script (CTL+C) as soon as all needed files are downloaded, as a wrong driver for the system might otherwise be installed! If this nevertheless happens, the x-server won't work anymore. To repair this, simply enter the following as root:
# cp /etc/X11/XF86CONFIG-4.1st /etc/X11/XF86CONFIG-4
init 3  (possibly after CTL+C)
init 5
So the old configuration is now repaired, and X can be started again.

Have fun with caution.
Best wishes, Benix

PS: (Note: you have to change to init 3 to install the nvidia-driver)
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