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Installing Kanotix on a VMWare Virtual Machine

VMWare Server is free Virtualisation software which allows multiple "Guest" Operating System instances to be run within a "Host" Operating System.

This page is to document tips and issues encountered with getting Kanotix to Install inside a VM Instance.


Kanotix in LiveCD mode does not automatically detect the Virtual Hard Disk
Resolution: Open a terminal, and run

$ sudo modprobe BusLogic

The Hard Disk is now available under /dev/sda (using the default VMware Server settings)

Booting the HD Install causes a kernel panic after installing to Virtual Hard Disk
Resolution: Build a new initramfs which loads the BusLogic module
Note: the following instructions assume a single partition install (not counting swap) to /dev/sda1?. Also, the following has been tested on 2006.1 rc4? only at time of writing 061012
- Boot Kanotix in the Virtual Machine with the LiveCD
- Open a terminal, and do the following:

// Prefix denotes comments
$ Prefix denotes commands that can be run as a regular user (knoppix)
# Prefix denotes commands that must be run as root
(chroot)# denotes commands that must be run in chroot jail

//gain superuser privileges
$ sudo -s

// load scsi driver so we can see the disk
# modprobe BusLogic

// mount disk with the Kanotix install
# mkdir /media/sda1 && mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1

// chroot to hd install
# mount --bind /dev /media/sda1/dev
# chroot /media/sda1
(chroot)# mount -t proc /proc proc
(chroot)# mount /sys

//edit yaird config to include BusLogic module
(chroot)# cat /etc/yaird/Default.cfg | sed '/MODULE evdev/a MODULE BusLogic' > /etc/yaird/vm.cfg

 // run yaird with new config file
 (chroot)# yaird -c /etc/yaird/vm.cfg -o /boot/initrd.img-vm

 // take a backup of your menu.lst
 (chroot)# cp /boot/grub/menu.lst /boot/grub/menu.lst.novm
 //then edit /boot/grub/menu.lst with your favourite text editor ,
 // and change the initrd.imgxxx line to initrd.img-vm

// get out of the chroot jail and cleanup
(chroot)# umount /sys
(chroot)# umount /proc
(chroot)# exit
# umount /media/sda1/dev

# init 6
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