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* KANOTIX una solida distribuzione Linux basata su Debian-Sid, contiene tutti i programmi pi aggiornati e riconosce pi hardware recente di ogni altro sistema operativo.

* KANOTIX progettata per i sistemi a 32bit i586 e quelli a 64bit AMD64 e utilizza un kernel aggiornato con patch uniche.

* KANOTIX come CD-LIVE pu accedere alla maggior parte delle periferiche senza il bisogno di installare driver. E' ideale per l'analisi, il recupero dei dati, il lavoro forense, la rimozione dei virus dai Pc con Windows - o semplicemente per una navigazione sicura e la gestione dell'e-mail in un internet caf. Si installa nell'hard disk in pochi minuti ed ideale come desktop o come workstation, sul notebook o come router.

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Kanotix CeBIT Special 2013 Inviato da : Kano di Venerd, 08 Marzo 2013 - 06:47 AM
As a little surprise there is a new Kanotix ISO during CeBIT time (I am there as visitor) with some special features not found in normal releases. The main difference is that a newer libc6 2.17 is used (from Debian Experimental) which has the effect that self-compiled binaries can not be shared with Debian Wheezy users. If that does not affect you you can enjoy the new features:

* Kernel 3.8.2 (Ubuntu 3.8.0-10 with one extra patch and SATA_AHCI static)
* Nvidia 313.18 and Fglrx 13.2 Beta 7 available in gfxdetect mode (similar to Hellfire gfxoverlay) and the autodetection works after hd install in that mode as well
* Mesa 9.1 for open source gfx drivers, best suited for Intel HD 2000+
* Amarok 2.7.0
* Wine 1.5.25
* LibreOffice 4.0.0
* Grub 2.00 (in case of UEFI boot requires primary mbr or gpt partition mounted to /boot/efi, can be shared with Win, use adv. partitioning)
* Steam preinstalled
* Iceweasel 19

The system can be used to try Steam and should work fine even from USB hd installs (create a bit ext4 partition for that). You could carry your games with you that way and the gfx driver is always correct on boot.


Jrg Schirottke (Kano)

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