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I have a Desktop-PC with 2 NIC's
How can I configure it to be able to get on the internet with my laptop (or other pc) (Internetsharing)?

We will show a minimal and simple solution:
- Open a terminal and change to root with "sux" to be able to conduct the following steps.

- Configure the first nic with # netcardconfig to be able to access the internet.

- For the second nic we choose a fixed IP-Address in a private domain, e.g.
Then also configure it with # netcardconfig

Please note: Your IP must be in the same subnet as the IP's that will be assigned by DHCP.

If by mistake a Gateway has been specified while configuring your network-interfaces,you will have to run the script # remove-gateway.

- Setting up DHCP/DNS
You have to edit the file /etc/dnsmasq.conf by adding a line with "dhcp-range=,". Leave the rest of the file as is.

- The DHCP-Server on the Desktop-PC can now be started with # /etc/init.d/dnsmasq.
If the clients are now set to DHCP, an IP-Address will be assigned automatically.

- To route the client's request to the Internet you must now run the script# /usr/sbin/masquerade. After this every client should be able to join the internet.

- To have this configuration by default when booting up the Desktop-PC: Activate dnsmasq in the boot-process with
# unfreeze-rc.d
# update-rc.d dnsmasq defaults
# freeze-rc.d

- Run the masquerade-script with # echo "/usr/sbin/masquerade" >> /etc/init.d/bootmisc.sh

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