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Kanotix at OpenRheinRuhr 2015 verfasst von : retabell am Montag, 09. November 2015, 20:10 Uhr
From 07 .11.2015 to 08.11.2015 Kanotix was present at Oberhausen . We have presented latest Kanotix modification - the version numbers are taken from today's snapshot. Last year Jahr we had a presentation at LinuxTag 2014 in Berlin, but this year there wasn 't any exhibition there.

The latest Kanotix-version is based on Debian 8.2/Jessie called Spitfire, the older version Dragonfire (Debian 7.x also exist in several flavours for i386 and amd64.

- Kanotix Spitfire KDE with kernel 3.16 (Debian default), KDE 4.14.2, VLC 2.2.0 RC2, LibreOffice 5.0.3, Iceweasel 42.0, Wine-Staging 1.7.54

- Kanotix Spitfire KDE Special with kernel 4.2 (Ubuntu 4.2.17-21), Nvidia 340.93 (DX10 cards) and 352.55 (DX11 cards), AMD Catalyst 15.9 and Mesa 11.0.4 (best for Intel Skylake/Broadwell/Haswell - but without OpenGL 4 for nouveau/radeon). Steam Client, XBMC 13.2, VirtualBox 5.0.8, Google Chrome 46.0 are also installed. Binary driver are only activated with gfxdetect. This also works in hd-installations, so you can change your graphic-card. (Mesa forcen über gfx=mesa)! also cool if have a USB HD-install.

- Kanotix Spitfire LXDE with kernel 3.16 (Debian default) and compiz, LibreOffice 5.0.3 and Wine-Staging only 64 bit

Up-to-date images are built every night (nightly,) you can find them at


early in the morning


is also updated.

Each current (!) ISO is suitable for HD Install, load it best close to a planned Install, to enable you to save much time. Installations in UEFI Mode (Check: sudo efibootmgr -v) in the first instance require a FAT32 partition on the same data carrier. In general, GPT partitioning would be used - the installer will detect an existing one - apart from that, no other option is selectable for the boot loader. UEFI Secure Boot (and Fastboot) should be deactivated.

Recently, as an alternative to the complete download, it is possible to boot the current ISO images via httpfs(2) oder fetch (corresponds to toram) from a micro iPXE iso. The faster the internet access , the better (fastest loading with LXDE), 32 or 64 bit, automatic selection, depending on the respective CPU.


This ISO can easily be started via GRUB 2 on a legacy system (not possible with UEFI) with this custom.cfg in /boot/grub and the kanotix-ipxe.iso in /boot:


For installations via httpfs (does not affect fetch) on HD, eventually reset the /etc/network/interfaces; so, Ethernet can be managed by the network manager as usual. Further PXE boot possibilities on request.

Please note:

a) For the time being, older installations have a little problem due to modified sources of wine-staging. The hotfix script can be found at:


b) Correct an eventual incorrect system time as root with: "fix-time" (respectively "fix-time -u" for UTC).

For more information, go to IRC or to the Kanotix booth!

Have fun trying out these options!

Jörg Schirottke (Kano)

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