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How Do I Burn The CD With Windows?

Naturally, you can burn the CD with Windows, too. The downloaded file must be burned as ISO-file. If Winrar (or any other archiving tool) is linked with an .ISO-file, it may irritate because one would take it for an archive. From the ISO-file you must burn a CD. Don't burn the ISO-File as a data-disk!! It is neccessary to burn the ISO-File as Disk-At-Once.

The following tutorial describes burning the CD with Nero (not nero express). Thanks to schwaller, who described this in a Thread.

Start Nero and close all Wizards, open the "File"-menu ->and open "burn CD-Image ".

Choose the downloaded ISO-File and click "open".

If you now click "info", you should see something like:

Now choose "Burn" and click it:

Nero does come with many CD-Roms, but you could use CDR-WIN as well, which you can find as a test version on the net. CDR-WIN burns with reduced speed as a test version, but should be sufficient for the job. The right point in the menu is "Burn a ISO 9660 Image File to CD".

Another good freeware tool is "CD/DVD Burner XP pro" under Windows. I got this statement by email with positive experiences: "... the new stable version 2.2 runs very stable under XP und Windows 2000 and did help me out several times." So, it works :-). Thanks to Lothar for the feedback.

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How Do I Burn The CD With Linux?

If you already run Linux on your machine you should burn the CD either by using the shell or with any of your installed burning programs.

With KANOTIX and other Linux distributions K3b comes as default cd-burning tool. Open it, select "Extras" -> "burn CD-Image..." and select the ISO-File to burn (e.a. KANOTIX-2005-03.iso).

K3B initially calculates the MD5-sum for the ISO-file (this takes a moment). If the shown checksum is similar to the checksum in the MD5-file (i.e. KANOTIX-2005-03.iso.md5), your download was successful and you can burn the file by simply hitting "Start".

You can burn it directly from the shell with:
$ cdrecord dev=0,0,0 driveropts=burnfree -dao -overburn -v KANOTIX-2005-03.iso

If you prefer to put it onto a CD-RW, you should empty the disk before, using
$ cdrecord dev=0,0,0 blank=fast

The values for dev=x,x,x (in our example 0,0,0) can be obtained with
$ cdrecord --scanbus
or for ATAPI-CD-Rom with
$ cdrecord --scanbus dev=ATAPI

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Where can I get the KANOTIX-CD?

The most comfortable way to get the CD is to order it from Kano directly. There you will always find the most recent version of Kanotix.

If you are interested in purchasing an adapted version of CD/DVD, please feel free to contact Kano directly , who always has DVDs on stock or will customize a "Special Edition" with his autograph for you.

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Where can I download the KANOTIX-CD?

Download-Links and Mirrors are found to your left in the menu.

Tips for Download with BitTorrent and the handling of the md5-sum are to be found in the FAQ. If anybody has a fast FTP-Server with sufficient traffic at their command, please inform Kano.

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I receive I/O errors when trying to burn with Linux? What should I do?

On kernel >= 2.6.8 cdrecord will be run with root privileges. Therefore it will not work any more when run suid root for security reasons.

Solution: Use the K3b-Setup-Assistant to solve this problem, or do
# chmod -s /usr/bin/cdrecord*

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How can I create a KANOTIX-CD using XDELTA-Patch?

xdelta is a program that makes a new ISO-image out of an initial ISO-image and some modified files, among other things. It is also made to allow small bug-fixes without incurring high download costs.

The modified files from PATCH-RC19-RC20.XDELTA is, for example, only 5.4 MB in size, whereas the ISO-image itself is 553 MB.

Lets assume you have:

  • An ISO-Image on a hard disk, for instance KANOTIX-2005-04-LITE-RC19.iso

  • A modified file, for example PATCH-RC19-RC20.XDELTA

  • In a terminal as user:

    $ cd /path/to/iso/and/patch
    $ xdelta patch PATCH-RC19-RC20.XDELTA

    The program will extract the needed filenames from the patch. It will also do the md5sum check.
    Mind: it will not check for enough free space on hd.

    Here is a link, for xdelta under Windows , to patch your Kanotix- LiveCD.
    Read info here

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